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What is Xiaomi Youpin or Ecological Chain System? Brands in the Xiaomi Ecosystem

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There is hardly anyone unfamiliar with the Chinese brand name Xiaomi. Founded back in April 2010, it is today one of the reputed and well-received smartphone and consumer electronics brands in the world. It is just ten years since its inception, to earmark such a prestigious position in the global market. Today, we have a unique topic to discuss alongside being the interesting one. So, without wasting any further second, let’s explore what is under the wrap.

You will have come across the terms like ‘Xiaomi Youpin’, ‘Xiaomi Ecological Chain’ or ‘Xiaomi Ecosystem’ etc. while exploring the products on Gearbest or other E-commerce platforms. For instance, you will have seen Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD05YL 480 LED Ceiling Light (Xiaomi Ecosystem Product) or Deerma Dempx830 Aerosol Dispenser from Xiaomi Youpin. So, what are Xiaomi Youpin and Xiaomi Ecosystem product? Today, we will elaborate on these statements to clear your doubts.

The China-based Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co. ltd has a headquarter in Beijing. It started with MIUI, the Android-based customized software interface. Further, over the years, it excelled its business units and became the 4th largest smartphone developer in designing, development and sale. Interestingly, the company features its presence not only in the smartphone segment, but also in various other electronic product categories like wearables, laptops, mobile apps, and other IoT (Internet of Things) products.

Hence, Xiaomi had started its journey as a mobile internet company, which was specializing in manufacturing smart hardware and electronic products. It is also an innovative technology brand emphasizing on high-end smartphones, Internet television and smart home ecological chain construction. It made Xiaomi a rigid entity to face well-established electronic giants successfully.


What is Xiaomi Youpin, Ecological Chain or Ecosystem?


Now, let’s move to the point of discussion and learn the relationship between these complicated terms. Well, all these Xiaomi-related concepts are interchanged with each other but retaining the same meaning in the real sense. After intruding in the consumer hardware with their 1st smartphone in Aug 2011, the company got involved in the design and development of consumer hardware products.

Since March 2016, Xiaomi had been owned more than 55 companies (the number is growing ever) to manufacture and publish smart products with the parent (Xiaomi) name. Hence, Xiaomi ecosystem or Youpin is a collection of Xiaomi-owned brands, which work for Xiaomi in different product categories.

What is Xiaomi Youpin or Ecological Chain System? Brands in the Xiaomi Ecosystem image 1

All these companies, directly or indirectly, participate in the Xiaomi’s Smart Home products. The whole process had started several years ago but geared up in 2014. Therefore, Xiaomi ecosystem is the result of efforts made by the parent company in order to collaborate all these investments under one roof. Ultimately, it is a throng of sub-brand that work complying the Xiaomi’s norms and standards od designing and developing a product.

Now, if you come across any of these terms, it means it is developed any of these sub-brands. Overall, it is an attempt by the prime manufacturer to broadcast their smart home line products away from its key products like smartphones, smart TVs, and tablets.


Xiaomi Youpin – an E-commerce Platform of Xiaomi


After around more than nine years, Xiaomi has become one of the largest, renowned Internet and high-tech companies in China. Further, it dominates not only domestic but also quite famous in the global market. In the present scenario, Xiaomi occupied the 1st place in terms of sales volume in the Indian market.

Apart from the smartphone unit, Xiaomi also backs the Xiaomi Youpin, which is its E-commerce surface based on the Xiaomi ecological chain. It is not the subject of one or two months. It takes several years for Youpin to become one of the biggest E-commerce platforms in the local market.

What is Xiaomi Youpin or Ecological Chain System? Brands in the Xiaomi Ecosystem image 2

In terms of some figures, the revenue of Youpin become 2.6 times in 2018 that of 2017. Similarly, its active users have also increased significantly by up to 200% in these respective years. It makes the Youpin platform to occupy 4.1% of the total online business of Xiaomi group.

The key goal of the Youpin program is to target the young audience with consumption capabilities. These buyer’s chunk has specialized requirements with regard to the product quality and industrial design, and that’s where Youpin creates the difference. Ultimately, it became competent enough to compete with the giant Taobao and JD.com platforms in China.

Similarly, the other remarkable action it has taken is the combination of online and offline stores to diversify its E-commerce campaign. With 36,256 offline stores, Youpin is among the biggest entities in the E-commerce domain.

With it, buyers get the first-hand experience and look at the product they want to buy, which is not possible in JD.com and Taobao. Amazingly, Xiaomi sold 118.7 million mobile phones in 2018, and most of them were sold via Youpin.


Xiaomi Ecosystem Brands for Different Product Categories


There are a huge number of Xiaomi sub-brands in the Eco chain. Following are some of them to give you an idea of how they are dedicated to a specific product category.

Cell Phones and Smartphones – this category involves Redmi, Mi, 21KE, Black Shark, SUNMI, QIN, and Pocophone.

Smart Home – Mijia, Yunmai, Viomi, iCHUNMi, Wuro etc.

Appliances – Roborock, MiniJ, SWDK, VH, SmartMi, MiiiW Technology, Aller, TINYMU, XPrint.

Security – Lumi, Vima, Aqara.

Beauty and Personal Care – Doctor-B, Miaomiaoce, Oclean, iHealth, Yueli, HANDX, Leravan, SMATE, in the face, AirPOP, Senthmetic, Yuwell.

Smartwatches and Bands – Huami, Amazfit, Weloop. 

Smart Lighting – Yeelight and COOWOO.

Photo and Video Camera – iMi, XiaoYi, MADV, 70MAI.

Audio and Video – 1More, QCY, XGiMi, Inovel, Appotoronics, WHALEY, HAYLOU.

Electric Transport – Ninebot, QiCYCLE, UMA, Yunmake.

Batteries and Chargers – Zaofeng, ZMi, Kingmi.

LifeStyle – QIMIAN, Fiu, Popuband, Kiss Kiss Fish, HuoHou, Purely, 365WEAR, ZaxArt, One Cloud.

Apart from these brands, there are several others to represent the parent company Xiaomi in the international market. These brands are doing a respectful job in their respective areas and serving global users with quality, durability at affordable prices. So, that all from this area, hopefully, you will have got your queries regarding Xiaomi Youpin, ecosystem or ecological chain resolved to your satisfaction.